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Baby Slings: How-To Guide

Click the links below to view Videos demonstrating each carry, along with Written Instructions and Photos.

Sling Wearing Notes:

Nursing Horizontally: Place your baby in the sleeping/nursing position, opposite of what you see in the cradle carry photo. The baby's head will be where the feet are in the picture. This way the head is lower, more closely aligned with your breast. Your baby will probably need to stick his feet out of the pouch to accommodate his length, as he/she grows. Ensure the lower edge of binding is wrapped securely behind his knees with his butt lower than his legs. Nursing vertically: Place your infant or toddler in the tummy to tummy position. Your child will find it comfortable to bend his head forward into the pouch to nurse as you help by tilting your breast upward. Once baby is older, you can also nurse with baby on your hip.

Helpful Hints:
Once you get the baby into the position it helps to "bounce" them down into the sling. Usually I just give a little tug on the outer edge. A little bounce in your legs helps secure them down into the sling.

Folding the top rail of the sling back down over the outer edge of your shoulder helps make the sling tight against the baby's back (see back carry picture for a good example or hip carry).

Practice makes perfect…..I found that as I used the sling more and more I got quicker and more efficient at getting the little one in and out. I also found that just trying new ways to fold the sling back over my shoulder made me more secure.

Remember your little one is your responsibility. Some sling carries work better with different ages and different physical capabilities. Back carries have less supervision and therefore are often better with an older child with head and back support.


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