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Baby Slings: Benefits of "wearing" your Baby

Baby Wearing Benefits:

The benefits of bonding with your baby while the two of you share the world around you is beyond measure. Here are some specific ways your little one will benefit from being carried in a sling!

Your hands are free, even when baby needs your contact and attention. Slings mimic a womb and as they get older the sling is like the parent's arms. Sling carriers follow the natural contour of the spine and do not put pressure directly on the spine.

Baby sees and experiences your active life. Sling carriers provide contact pressure, motion, pleasure, warmth, security, and sound similar to the womb. The movements of the parent can help Baby maintain that nice quiet alert state for learning.

BlueBerriest slings provide optimal physical contact. Slings allow babies to see and feel their caregiver while allowing their caregiver to hold them comfortably and for longer periods of time. Being able to see and feel their caregiver lowers the stress hormones in a baby's system, thus lessening crying, spitting up, and diaper rashes.

Babies that are carried regularly cry less. Additionally, studies indicate that babies worn in slings are less prone to develop fears of loss or loneliness. Thus, sling babies often become independent earlier.

BlueBerriest slings are suitable from birth to around three years, or when the toddler is too heavy for you to carry (about 35 pounds). When babies are born, they are literally curled in a ball and are (usually) not comfortable if you try to straighten them out. The very act of carrying the infant helps the infant to pull out of this flexion state.

BlueBerriest slings allow you to wear your child in a wide variety of positions, depending on the weight of your baby and the length of your journey. Babies who are carried for prolonged periods of time tend to develop good tone in the neck and trunk and are able to adjust their posture nicely in different positions once they are self mobile.

Babywearing makes sibling care easier. Breastfeeding in the sling is especially valuable when there is a new baby and an older toddler. Carrying the newborn in the sling gives mom two free hands and mobility to also attend to the toddler.

The sling does many more little tasks than just provide a safe place for a little person to perch, but it also works as a changing pad. Place the sling on the floor or on a changing table and presto! You have a clean diaper-changing surface. It also doubles as a cover. The baby sling makes a convenient cover during travel for napping, discreet nursing, and warmth. It is also a great toy to keep in the bottomless diaper bag for car travel or an unexpected outing.

While you are getting used to wearing your baby, support him with your hands. As you go through the learning phase of moving and reacting, the urge to support your baby with your hands is instinctive. After you become a PRO-babywearer, you can safely carry your baby in the sling with one or both hands free. Wear baby cautiously in the kitchen. Do not wear baby while cooking or working with sharp or hot objects. Do not drink hot beverages when wearing baby, although wearing baby while eating is safe. When wearing your baby and stooping over, bend at the knees, not at the waist, and hold baby in the sling with one hand. Toddlers often have the longest arms ever! : Be careful of their curious nature at your exciting level. When going through doorways or around corners, be careful that baby's body/head does not stick out past your arm and strike the wall or doorjamb. Do not ride a bicycle or other moving vehicle while wearing your baby. Baby carriers are not substitutes for an approved carseat.



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