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Baby Slings

Our slings are VERY versatile. Our slings are made out of a cotton/lycra fabric. They are better than other native style slings because of their great fabric.  It has some stretch to it, which regular cotton slings don’t.  The stretch allows your little one to settle into it.  The stretch also allows for the sling to wrap smoothly around your shoulder and back.

The main point is that it has some GIVE to give YOU more comfort.  This all allows you to wear your little bundle longer and then you are both happy! You might be wondering how it has the “give” or stretch.  It stretches the widthwise- not length.  It stretches up around your baby’s back and around your shoulder.  It will not stretch out or stretch out of shape.   The lengthwise of the sling doesn’t stretch. 

I have “worn” all five of my kids (at one point or another!  NOT all at once!) but it wasn’t comfortable until I found the right sling for me!  That is what I will help you do!  Baby wearing is just TOO EASY with the right sling.

Choose a Fabric Below to view more details and make your order.

Butterfly Patch
Butterflies fluttering around the flowers.

Coral Reef
Pattern of fish and coral.


Flower Garden
Full garden of bright flowers.

Lighthouses and Sailboats.


Raspberry Slush
Reds and pinks mixing together.

Bright fresh pink fern collage.


Cherry Blossom
Large Pink and White blossoms on pink.

Pink Plaid
Pink and Brown Plaid.


Fruit Market
Fruits and Flowers on a black background

Kickin' Khaki
A neutral light tan fabric with a smooth texture.


Dusty Blue
Solid Blue Stretch Cotton.

Classic blueberry blue


Lucy's Lines
Pastel pink, green, and blue stripes .

Morning Hibiscus
Vibrant hibiscus blossoms with yellow and orange dots.  


Jungle Jane
Lush green leaves with a white background peaking through.

Fresh Flowers
Pattern of large blue and green hibiscus-like flowers.


Coral Fern
Bright fresh pink fern collage.

Raspberry Rush

A dense pattern of flowers and blossoms.


New fabrics are being added regularly! Check back often to see our new styles.

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