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Create A Creature

Create A Creature are monsters that are created by your kiddo, for your kiddo.
Create A Creature works like this: You purchase your little one's "spot" on my to do list, then the fun starts!
Grab some paper and start drawing! I will also e-mail you a list of a few simple questions for you to answer about your creature. These questions help me get a better idea of who you created.

Once your child has a creature or monster that they are ready to have turned into a huggable creature, then you send it to me. You can send me your drawing either via scanning/e-mail or send the original through USPS mail.
Once I get the questions/answers and your drawing I will start creating your creature! Email to find out our current estimated turn-around time.

When your creature is complete I will ship it to you along with his/her framed picture.
Total Create A Creature package, including shipping, is $65.

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Create a Creature!


Gallery of creatures that have been shipped to their waiting families!



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   Create A Creature Questionnaire

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