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Crayon Cozies

BlueBerriest Crayon Cozies, keeping all of your crayons together, safe and warm.
Our crayon cozies carry up to 12 crayons. They are small enough to fit in your diaper bag, purse, or pocket, yet hold enough crayons to share with friends. Our crayon cozies can be purchased with new Crayola® crayons included, or purchase without and insert your own.

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Rainbow Dots 
$5.50 or $6.50
Rows of dots in all the colors of the rainbow.
15.5in. L X 4.5in.H
Green Ball Party 
$5.50 or $6.50
Green background with vibrant playful circles.
15.5in. L X 4.5in.H
Chocolate Pink Daisies 
$5.50 or $6.50
Chic chocolate and pink floral pattern.
15.5in. L X 4.5in.H
Pink Chickies 
$5.50 or $6.50
Light purple with pink and white chicks.
15.5in. L X 4.5in.H
Pink & Yellow Flowers 
$5.50 or $6.50
Floral pattern of yellow, pink, red and white daisies.
15.5in. L X 4.5in.H


    New fabrics are being added regularly! Check back often to see our new styles.


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